Streetart, excursions Odessa

Graffiti art has become firmly established in the life of towns and cities around the world, becoming an integral part of the urban subculture. More and more talented artists, aspiring to harmonize with the surrounding reality, clarity and immediacy, decorate the city and improve the mood of its inhabitants with kind and colorful images. Many European cities have hosted entire programs to attract artists for street beauty . Thus many depressed areas of industrial cities in Germany, Britain and Sweden came to life and got a new look.

The center of Odessa, in its own way, promotes the development of graffiti culture. There are lots of nooks, dark inhospitable passes, and peeling walls. Any picture, in which there is inherent skill and good intent, become places of "consolation of old age", and for people - the source of good mood.We offer a walk through Odessa as through an open air gallery–visiting many masterpieces of street art worthy of presentation in the best exhibition halls of the world - at least, so say their authors. Do not believe me? Then come and we will show you everything.


Excursions can be ordered individually through our Facebook page. 


Meeting point and the beginning of the tour:
arbor in the City Garden